25th October: Added some vcds to my list. Check on my list from VCD141 onwards to know more details about them. I corrected a wrong information on my low generation page: the New York 17.11.78 recording is actually 124:20 minutes long. I usually take care of my Queen collecting matters once a week; so please don't get worried if you don't get a prompt reply, every email sent to me will have an answer :)
My complete list has been updated, you can download it right from the homepage.

3rd June: is back! After such a long time, the site has been restyled and updated! It's been a long break in my collecting life, but now I'm ready to consider new trades to improve my collection!
Many sections are still incomplete but I started working on my "Low generation recordings" section, which can be found by clicking "Audio" on the main menu. There you can find lineage (when available) and flac samples of my recordings. Enjoy!