About me

Born in 1981 in Italy, I became a Queen fan after the tragic death of Freddie, which caused a re-discover of Queen music on my country.
Once the official album collection was complete, I felt the need to listen to some more Queen and I started looking for concert recordings; it was in 1997 that I got my first ever bootleg, the famous "Live at Hammersmith Odeon 1975". At that time it was very difficult to come across unofficial Queen recordings; internet wasn't as big and as fast as now and the only ways to get such rare stuff was: buying or trading. I spent many money (and time) to start my collection (especially being a student, at that time), but I don't regret anything: it's been a lot of fun and I grew a lot of international friendships!
Having built a decent reputation amongst the trading circle and having started to work, I improved my collection by getting many rare and exclusive items, both official and unofficial.
I always addressed my passion to the research of as much unknown recordings, stories, photograps as possible: I feel there's so much to say about the greatest rock band yet so I tend to "live in the past" rather than concentrating on the controversial projects of nowadays...

Along the years I built several internet sites dedicated to Queen, but I only recently got the right inspiration to build and manage two really great projects: this one site, focused on my collection and on Queen recordings in general, and QueenItalia.it, a nice italian language based portal which fast became the most important Queen Italian community!

On a personal note, I saw Brian and Roger performing on my city in 2003, at "Pavarotti and friends"; on that occasion I also met them the night before the show and I have to say it's been great to know two of my heroes!
In 2004 I attended the Zucchero's concert at London's Royal Albert Hall, where Brian partecipated on 3 tracks; I've been lucky enough to be at the exclusive aftershow party too, but sadly Brian prefered to going to bed right after the end of the gig...
In 2005, I couldn't help but attending 4 concerts of the so called "Queen+Paul Rodgers" Tour: the italian gigs in Milan, Florence, Pesaro and the german date in Frankfurt. I also had the ticket for the Rome concert but I was invited on the very same day by Mtv, for a Queen special: a unique chance I couldn't refuse!

I'm always looking for Queen unofficial items: if you attended in the past to Queen (or solo) concerts and recorded them in audio or video or simply took pictures, please contact me and let's try to find a good deal for both of us.